Collective Minds Radiology AB

Collective Minds Radiology is a healthcare collaboration company with services within the field of medical imaging. With Collective Minds, you can consult a global network of more than 13.000 radiologists, conduct your radiology education and perform research in a GDPR-compliant, secure, and cloud-based platform accessible from any device at any time. In the Collective Minds global community, you can upload your own cases and discuss the diagnosis with more than 13.000 healthcare professionals from across the globe. Cases are automatically pseudonymized when uploaded in order to protect patient privacy. On Collective Minds, you can also try and evaluate +10 radiology AI algorithms on your own data. With Collective Minds Education, you can enrich, share and utilize your teaching content to its fullest potential no matter if it’s for an online class, physical or hybrid event. Our intuitive interface lets you create quizzes and polls, case collections, and perform examinations with ease. Easy access control for your co-educators and full traceability- With research, you can design, store, and structure your clinical research studies. Collaborate and control access with partners outside your local institution. From simple reader studies to sponsored clinical trials with demands for audit trails, automatic quality control of image data, and access to images based on biomarkers. The Collective Minds platform is cloud-based, fully GDPR compliant, IS027001 certified for IT security, includes a medical grade DICOM viewer, and is accessible from any device. Meet us at UKIO2023 or book your online demo today to learn how we can help you with your medical imaging work.

Kontakt: Gustaf Dahlbeck Nobel

Tel: 0739 441 155

Monternr: 2:16

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