Unfors RaySafe AB

Founded in 1994, the mission for RaySafe has ever since been to develop innovative products to help people avoid unnecessary radiation, and establish a better radiation safety culture wherever technicians, medical staff and patients encounter radiation.

RaySafe is an international market leader in providing comprehensive and user-friendly radiation measurement solutions, including systems and accessories for quality assurance testing of diagnostic X-ray equipment, a real-time dose monitoring system for medical staff, as well as radiation measurement instrumentation for the safety of both patients and medical staff.

”In the early days, miners would bring canary birds into the coal mine. As long as the canary kept singing, the air was safe. When it stopped, it served as an early warning that it was time to leave the mine. RaySafe solutions are your modern canaries because they provide you with an early warning for unnecessary radiation which cannot be detected by human senses.”

Kontakt: Karin Humble

Tel: 0703 551 643

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